Florida Polytechnic University's student Hackathon!

This is our first student run, MLH sanctioned hackathon! The PolyHacks team is proud to host this event for students who want to create and develop hacks. It is a 24 hour event where many students from around the state will be coming together to create some amazing hacks! 

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In order to be elidgable you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a students from a university
  • Must be a working either alone or in a team of 4 or less students 


How to enter

When you submit your hack make sure to select all hacks that you are elidgable for to make sure your hack is considered. 


Awesome Judges

Awesome Judges

Judging Criteria

  • Submit a Hack
    Only hacks that are submitted on Devpost before the hackathon ends will be qualified for judging.
  • Choose a Category
    In order to be considered for best hardware or most ridiculous you must choose those categories when submitting your hacks.